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As an experienced teacher, certified in Alberta and British Columbia, I have seen many children, young people, as well as adults looking for strategies to overcome learning challenges. It is my passion to encourage learners of all ages to keep learning and to provide consistent expert guidance for them to reduce barriers. I see learning as joyful, positive experiences that everyone needs in their life.

As a lifelong learner, I love making new connections every day. My father telling me to "go learn something" still rings in my ears. I always knew he was excited for the new paths I discovered, as he did not have "the luxury" of pursuing further education. I would like to share the knowledge I have gained through my training, work and life experience. 

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Emma is an exceptional multilingual teacher. She makes me feel excited about improving my language skills every day. She is also coaching me to find my professional pathway and to discover my strengths. She is also a great listener and good adviser. Her super high-energy is very motivating and inspiring for me. I really feel proud to know and to work with such a committed, warm and caring teacher.

Salma Chafai (from Morocco)

Emma is the best teacher ever. She is the soul of language for me. She is my angel. I learned a lot from her, especially as a newcomer. I learned more than just the language: she taught me how to believe in myself and how to talk out loud without fear. She taught me how to communicate in society and how to express myself. I'm still learning from her. She answers all my questions, helps me with anything hard on me, and she also gives me the support I need. Emma is the support that I rest on. 

Tasneem Wali (from Syria)

Julia Klingler-Brito (from Canada)


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  • Founder and Director

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