Coaching for Adult Learners

& Newcomers




Transitions await adults when they embark on a new career. You may need upgrades or new skills and don’t know where to start.


  • Transitions are extreme for newcomers to a country. Dealing with culture shock and the loss of your familiar support system may be an obstacle in unlocking your potential.

  • You may need help with communication skills, as they are not only limited to using the correct words in a new language.

  • You may want to:
    * understand cultural norms and expectations.  
    catch up on written or oral communication and reading comprehension
    * identify your place and define where you want to fit in in a new, unfamiliar society
    * find happiness and become a fulfilled contributor in a new country that you will call home.

Through academic coaching you will:

* find new pathways that allow you to combine your past experience and education with new possibilities in a new environment.

As Your Learning Coach I will help you:​

* focus and hone in on your strengths and skills you may need 

* set a learning goal with you

* establish a plan with you

* consistently check in with you

*  until you achieve your learning goal.

* celebrate your achievements